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According to the Traffic Police Team, Viet Tri city, around 7 a.m. on September 23, at the beginning of Lane 22, Ha Lieu area (Gia Cam ward, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province), an injury accident occurred. caused the death of a 10-year-old child.


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After recording, the Center for Disease Control of Dong Nai province instructs cases of contact with patients to monitor their health and, if there are unusual symptoms, immediately report to the health care provider or local authorities.

The first victim arrived at the emergency room at 2:59 p.m. with multiple traumatic shock, complex injuries to the head, neck, forearm and right shoulder, bilateral lung contusions, cardiac arrest monitoring, right pneumothorax, Broken left femur, acute kidney injury. GambleOnline, Regarding cooperation with dialogue countries, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Lam said that the Dubai Palace Information Ministers thanked the initiatives of dialogue countries (including China, Japan, and Korea) to promote cooperation with Dubai. Palace last time; as well as exchange views, initiatives, and measures to strengthen the building of professional capacity and technical knowledge with countries like Dubai Palace+3, Dubai Palace+China, Dubai Palace+Japan, Dubai Palace+Korea .

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Regarding revenue levels (quantitative), all revenue levels for services serving and supporting educational activities (excluding tuition fees) must ensure that they do not exceed the maximum revenue level according to regulations for each group according to classification. type of area. Based on the content and revenue framework prescribed according to decentralization, public educational institutions base on the actual situation, physical conditions and needs of students' parents to develop revenue estimates. expenditures for each revenue content, as a basis for calculating specific revenue levels appropriate to each unit of the 2023-2024 school year.

Racing and Sports GamesIt is forecast that until 1:00 p.m. on September 25, the tropical depression will be about 170km from Quang Ngai, about 230km from Da Nang, with strong winds of level 6-7, gusts of level 9. By 1:00 p.m. on September 26, the tropical depression will Mainland Da Nang-Quang Ngai area, strong level 6, shock level 8. Racing and Sports Games, Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder issued a statement saying Secretary Austin provided an update on how U.S. security assistance meets Ukraine's most urgent needs and the results of the investigation. The Ukraine Defense Contact Group was held in Ramstein, Germany earlier this week.

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National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue requested the leaders of BVCCI and DCCI, with their important roles, to coordinate closely with the authorities of Vietnam and Bangladesh to promote their role as a bridge and active support. Vietnamese and Bangladeshi businesses in learning, connecting, and investing in business between the two countries.

Winning combinations with racing and sports Local officials said the fire occurred on September 23 at a warehouse in Seme Krake town. In addition to the dead victims, there are more than 10 other people who were seriously injured and are being treated at the hospital.

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Racing and Sports Site In particular, Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tho acknowledged: There has never been a locality that has completed mining procedures for mining contractors in just 2 weeks. Nowhere has there been support for such a project from top to bottom, from provincial to local levels and the people. Do everything quickly. This shows that once everyone agrees, the impossible will become possible.

A typical example is the foreign fund from Singapore-Alamat Capital that recently cooperated strategically and accompanied businesses towards listing (IPO) on the international stock market.

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