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Faced with the situation of floating moon cakes of unknown origin being widely sold, Mr. Tran Viet Hung, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Market Management Department, said that the time to implement the peak plan to check the commodity market during the Mid-Autumn Festival Thu from August 29 to September 30.


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In addition to trade goals, the Exhibition also aims to be the most comprehensive event in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry with a series of in-depth talks and seminars organized by relevant ministries, departments and branches, including the Seminar on Advanced Achievements. the most advanced stem cell culture technology and the application of stem cells combined with Exosomes for rejuvenation and disease treatment; Training to improve the quality of preparing bioequivalence test dossiers in drug registration; New regulations in bidding for drugs, medical equipment, and medical supplies.

Regarding Vietnam's National Innovation Center (NIC), what are your comments? GambleOnline, This transport route is operating very well, having transported about 20,000 TEUs (20-foot containers) with the rare feature of equal balance of two-way cargo.

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At the invitation of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, US President Joe Biden paid a state visit to Vietnam from September 10 to September 11. This is the first time a US President has paid a state visit at the invitation of the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and is also a continuation of the nearly 30-year tradition of Vietnam-US diplomatic relations with many milestones. development of economic cooperation.

Tabtouch Horse Racing and SportVietnam continues to be one of the largest investors in Laos. Many aid projects of the Vietnamese Government to Laos and investment and trade projects of Vietnamese enterprises have been implemented well and with high efficiency, making an important contribution to Laos's economic development, creating many jobs. and increase people's income. Tabtouch Horse Racing and Sport, Last month, regional press reported that two submarine cables, the West African Cable System (WACS) and the South Atlantic 3 (SAT-3), were severed by falling rocks in the Congo Gorge, causing network disruption. Internet connection in many African countries.

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To support people from cyber violence, Han proposed the need for new regulations and laws to strictly handle acts of violence and disorder in cyberspace. In addition, the State, all levels, ministries, branches, and schools can coordinate with relevant units to build applications, websites, school psychology consulting centers, etc., to accompany and promptly Support children to escape negative and violent information and have a truly safe and healthy development environment.

Racing and sports betting technology advancements everywhere for fans Tracking the shipment, Ho Chi Minh City Police scouts discovered the fact that the shipment was transported by the subjects to Warehouse No. 1 of Phu Dinh Port to load and unload goods without transporting them to Chon Customs Branch. Completed according to regulations.

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Betting Blitz With Racing and Sports The fire caused traffic congestion on Highway 1, the section passing through the area. Traffic forces quickly arrived at the scene to divert and regulate traffic.

On August 1, 1985, the high-speed electronic information transmission line (micro computer) (at that time 1200b/s) between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City of the VNA officially opened with microprocessors. Vietnamese text at both ends, becoming the main information flow on the North-South route of VNA.

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